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It's not just "play play"

Why should I get a deck?

It's versatile - If you want a family activity 20 mins before dinner or on a weekend when it's too hot out, play a game! If you are hanging out with friends and you're chilling around the table, play a game! If you're in class and everyone is tired, play a game! Our games are easy to set up and scalable for different age groups. Play them in easy mode or advanced mode, or tweak the requirements to make it fit your group!

It's educational - Our games help players to learn their letters or know more about nature, but on top of that, there's lots more going on! Gaming teaches real-time decision-making and emotion-management. It also trains communication skills and interpersonal skills. It's a great alternative to assessment books and screen-based options!

It's fun - It's not just kids; we all benefit from having fun. Laugh for a bit with friends and family. It is not a waste of time (:  

Make learning more enjoyable. Make together times more fun. 

Watch to find out more! 

The Pocket Tale: Game Mode 1

The Pocket Tale: Game Mode 2

Chatting with a 4yo using story cards from The Pocket Tale

Savannah Showdown

Where's My Pizza?


Here's what our customers say

"Can I play it again? I want to play it again!”

- M, USA (5yo, The Pocket Tale)

"These are the kinds of cards that my friends have been looking for.”

- C, Singapore (The Pocket Tale)

"My daughter really likes The Pocket Tale. We had so much fun trying to build a story together.”

- E, Taiwan

"The kids loved The Pocket Tale! They like putting the cards to tell a story. We are getting 3 more decks for our friends.”

- K, USA

"The animals (in Savannah Showdown) are so adorable! My kid really loves these cards.”

- B, USA

"My 5yo mastered the rules of Savannah Showdown pretty quickly and could even teach others how to play.  Guaranteed fun and educational for kids and adults!”

- R, Singapore

"These are actually really good for learning fractions."

- K, Singapore (Where's My Pizza)

"I like the donut and the naan and the waffles and the sourdough bread and the...I like all the bread."

- N, Singapore (5yo, Breadpacking)

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